MNCFN Townline Estates goes Natural with a Brand New Bienenstock Natural Playground!

HAMILTON, Ontario – July 17, 2017 – PRLog — Newly developed Townline Estates provides a positive environment for children that enhance his or her level of development – and they just enhanced their play space with a brand new Bienenstock Natural Playground! A ribbon cutting ceremony to mark this milestone event takes place on Saturday, July 29th starting at 12:00 pm.

MNCFN Townline Estates natural playground consists of a variety of authentic, all natural components, handcrafted in Canada. It’s sure to bring an exciting new level of outdoor learning and play to their environment.

“Learning and development are so much more than just sitting in a classroom,” says Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds Founder and CEO Adam Bienenstock. “Our Bienenstock natural playgrounds provide children the opportunity to learn where they play and enhance the development of all skill types – gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive. We’re thrilled to bring this new form of play and learning to MNCFN Townline Estates”

The Ontario based design team at Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds created a custom plan for Townline Estates that includes an 18 piece Log Cluster, Hill Slide, Sideways Tree, Full Log Park Bench, Upside-down Tree, Oak-slab Picnic Table and much more.

Townline Estates joins a long list of progressive schools and childcare centers offering the enriched experience of a Bienenstock Natural Playground. For more information visit

About Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds creates play spaces that connect kids to nature and inspire optimal child development for as many communities as possible. Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds’ components are handcrafted in Canada by master craftspeople using locally sourced, all-natural materials. Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds can be found throughout Canada and the world.

About MNCFN Townline Estates

The Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation is a thriving and vibrant community, bursting with people reaching for their roots as well as the future as they prepare to teach the next 7 generations its history and culture. This community has survived many hundred years of change; we fought through near extinction, battled in many wars, suffered a complete loss of culture, undertook a new way of life, faced the trials and tribulations that have come with facing our Canadian government and those now occupying our traditional territory, however despite every inch of transformation the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation has endured, they continued to adapt and grow into the resilient First Nation community that stands today.

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